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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Greening the project further.

So, the new paint worked beautifully today.  I went back over later and the water was already being sucked out of the paint, gluing the seeds to the ground.

I am constantly trying to figure out ways to improve the ecology of the project.  Today, we removed about 10 lbs of garbage from the site, none of it recyclable unfortunately.. but its a start. 

Ok, now the interesting part.. I have found a battery powered, portable compressor for the cannon.  I will admit, it bugged me having the gasoline powered compressor at Washington Bottoms last Saturday, but it was a necessary evil.  A fan of the project has offered to help with this and I hope we have it up and running by Saturday at Broad Avenue.

So, we have now had two of these events.  Most of you know how this works.  Is there any way that I am missing that I can make the project have less environmental impact?  I know most projects like mine strive for Carbon Neutrality, but I am trying for Carbon Negative. 

Some of the ways we are doing it now..

  • Switching to electric powered compressor equipment (In the works)
  • "Paint" is made from food based materials.  Yes, I buy them at the supermarket, but if someone will tell me a locally based source of cornstarch, I will gladly switch over.
  • Cleaning up sites and sorting for recycling.
  • Biodegradable balloons made from renewable latex.
  • Extra postage paid to UPS for things shipped in to purchase carbon credits for the shipments.
So, how can we improve?  I would love to hear your suggestions.

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