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Friday, November 5, 2010

Details tomorrow.

So, here is my plan for tomorrow. Tell me if you think it should be modified.

I will have the balloons broken into two groups. One will be sized for the cannon and will be for long range into Washington Bottoms. The other will be slightly larger and more full for hand throwing over the fence to create some color right on the other side of the fence.

First, we will do the hand grenades, establishing part of the work closest to the fence. This will be about 50 balloons.

Then we will power up the cannon and do the other 50. This will give us reach further into the field.

For safety sake (though this thing is designed to be totally safe) children will be asked to participate in the first half of the event, if any show up. Parents, you can pick your kids up to help them get the balloons over the fence, but please do not lean on or over the fence. Lehman Brothers has given some tacit approval to this, but with the requirement that we do not disturb the work, if any, that is going on and that we leave the fence alone. So, lets play nice!

The second half will be with the cannon. Anyone who wants a turn firing the cannon, I (or someone helping me) will have a signup sheet that you can sign when you arrive at noon or a little before. It will be done first come first serve until we run out of balloons.

I think this sounds fair and makes things alot easier to organize. What do you folks think?

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