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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Community support

So, since the Commercial Appeal article today, I have had contact from many parts of Memphis. It is truly humbling to hear so many people voicing their support for this project.

Two exciting things which I think would be good to share.

First, I have been contacted by the city department in charge of demolition of derelict and blighted buildings. They are interested in adapting my idea for use citywide on land cleared of these buildings. The belief is that by replacing the weeds and grass with wildflowers, it would reduce the need for mowing and maintenance of these areas, saving the city money.

Second, I have had an early contact from a certain professional sports team downtown. They are interested in supporting and promoting the project. I will be following up on this tomorrow and hopefully will have some more information coming up.

That's it for now, 3.5 days until launch of the first offensive. Hope to see you all Saturday!

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