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Friday, November 19, 2010

Donation Offer

I have a season subscription to Playhouse on The Square and Circuit Playhouse.  I am willing to trade a ticket for any show that is not sold out for a 50.00 donation.  I love the theater, so I am giving away two tickets.  Donate 100.00 at Broad or through the blog tomorrow, and get both tickets!

I will receive an email when the donation is done through the blog, and will post immediately to the blog, twitter, or facebook if these tickets are taken.  First come first serve!

If you donate through the blog, email with a first and second choice for the shows you would like to see and a couple of dates for each.  I will pick the tickets up on Monday and immediately put them in the mail to you!

At Broad, I will take the information personally and maybe even do a little joy dance! 

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