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Monday, November 8, 2010

The current plan for Sunday

So, we have another event coming up Sunday. We will be hitting two areas, about a mile from each other.

1) The former Andertons' site. This is at Madison and Barksdale in Midtown. It is a small site, mostly gravel, and largely hostile to the project, but it is better to try and fail than not try at all.. correct?

We will meet there at 1 PM. Here is the plan. I will be there a bit early handing out balloons. We are going to do 50 at this site and 50 or more at the other site. Everyone can ring the small plot of land that is surrounded by Concrete. I will fire the cannon loaded with confetti, flour and other fun stuff. That will be your queue to start.

2) Vacant lot across the street from Minglewood Hall and East of P&H. We will move to this site shortly after the event at Andertons. What we will be doing here is the area shaded in red on the image at right. This is a rise which leads from the pit up to P&H. People do park on the grass, but this hill is not good for parking and perfect for our needs! I will attempt to get some of those pink "construction flags" to mark the area we are going to be doing. Again, I will set up the cannon and load it with some fun stuff to mark time when we are going to be doing this.

I think this is going to be alot of fun, but we do have to be mindful of a couple things.

1) Please do not throw paint on anything not soil. This includes cars, other people, concrete, or buildings. Not only will it waste the seeds, it could hack someone off and get the project into trouble.

2) One balloon per person please.. unless we do have extras. This time, I will have someone handing them out, so everyone gets a turn. I do not think this was an issue on Saturday, but better safe than sorry.

3) These sites are much more public than the Washington Bottoms area. Please be mindful of parking at the Andertons site, though I do not think it will be a problem at the P&H site. The City and the Police Department are being pretty chill about this whole thing, lets not give them a reason to think otherwise!



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