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Monday, November 15, 2010

Broad Avenue - Saturday - 1:45 PM

This is the battle plan for Saturday.  We will be meeting at 1:45 at the X on the map, just west of the house located at Merton and Sam Cooper.  We will be firing 50 projectiles at this event, due to the small size.

I will have the cannon set up for short range, but we will throw them pretty high!  This will be a tricky engagement zone, very narrow with buildings and a highway on either side.  But, I believe we can make this a successful one.

Also, we will be passing around the bucket to buy more seeds from the America the Beautiful Fund.  Seed order will go out on Monday, to allow time for the seeds to arrive before our next engagement on (Holy Crap) December 4th??  The year is slipping away from us and the window to get the spring growth phase of the project is closing.  We will have one more engagement on December 11, though the location has not been selected yet. 

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