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Friday, December 3, 2010

American Meadows Delivers...

I returned home from the studio and errands today and found these in a box waiting on me!  4 POUNDS of seeds!  2 lb of the Proven Blend for the Southeast which is luckily composed of TN Natives and 2 lb of their Dry mix which has all southeastern US Natives but most (estimated 90%)  of them are TN Natives.

The really awesome part is they are packaged in reusable light canvas bags!  I opened one because I was curious and there is not a plastic bag or liner inside, just seeds.  The whole package is reusable or recyclable!  These folks are just getting more awesome by the minute.

Anyone who wants to grow a garden this spring should check out their website. They have seeds for flowers, herbs, and veggies along with bulbs and starter plants, and their prices are quite good as well.  Plus, they are just super nice folks who care about the project, even from many states away!

Link:  American Meadows

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I have received some feedback and will listen to the supporters.  With the materials not getting here yet and the forecast for this Saturday and the long range for next Saturday.. I agree that we should postpone the next activities until after the holidays.  This is designed to be a community project and the "community" wants to spend their holidays with their families, which is completely understandable as I would like to spend the holidays with mine.  So...

Next event will be January 8 at the field beside of P&H.  12 Noon.   As I have said in previous posts, we can continue to move on this the year through, your support is the deciding factor.

Pepsi Refresh and some changes.

So, the Pepsi Refresh Application will be reviewed in December, hopefully posted in January, and if we win the grant will come in February or March.  So, there is that.

Kickstarter still has 14 days left on the clock.  We are asking for 2750.00, 2500.00 of which will actually come to the project and 250.00 will go to pay the fees for Kickstarter and the processing. 

It is Wednesday and I still have not received any materials.  I am thinking we will postpone the December 4th event to a later date.  Which brings me to my next point.

Some of the supporters of the project have emailed me saying there is simply too much going on in the last three weeks of December and have proposed moving all the projects to after January 1.  I would welcome the break, but I am also serving the citizens of this city and my time and rest is of little concern.  So, would anyone object to moving the next event to the weekend after the first and doing one each weekend until either we reach the 10,000,000 wildflower goal or we run out of money.. whichever comes first.

I want to hear from you.