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Friday, December 3, 2010

American Meadows Delivers...

I returned home from the studio and errands today and found these in a box waiting on me!  4 POUNDS of seeds!  2 lb of the Proven Blend for the Southeast which is luckily composed of TN Natives and 2 lb of their Dry mix which has all southeastern US Natives but most (estimated 90%)  of them are TN Natives.

The really awesome part is they are packaged in reusable light canvas bags!  I opened one because I was curious and there is not a plastic bag or liner inside, just seeds.  The whole package is reusable or recyclable!  These folks are just getting more awesome by the minute.

Anyone who wants to grow a garden this spring should check out their website. They have seeds for flowers, herbs, and veggies along with bulbs and starter plants, and their prices are quite good as well.  Plus, they are just super nice folks who care about the project, even from many states away!

Link:  American Meadows


  1. Tommy,

    This project is very well conceived and will continue to benefit our community and communities across the world. Thanks for your participation this semester. I have added you to my spring speaking list for class; don't feel obligated to participate, but I would love to have you if you are available.

    Jessica Swan

  2. tommy! its bobby from zee cafe eclectic days! if you don't come to speak to my english klass im going to stock a potato gun with diesel fuel and rock salt and follow you around! also, i saw your youtube presentation and loved it:)