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Monday, October 11, 2010


This is traditional Southern Sorghum. For the project, I have ordered 5 lbs of the seed, enough to cover 10,000 acres. I know its overkill, but this stuff is awesome. While this grass grows all over the world, it was first identified by African slaves in the South because it was eaten in their native land. It can be treated just like wheat, except with no gluten and a faintly sweet taste.

It can also be made into popcorn! Well, Popsorgum I suppose.

I will be including this in all of the balloons. It promotes bees with its blooms, birds, squirrels, and even deer with its grain, prevents erosion and best of all is completely edible by humans!

So, next fall.. you will hopefully see me in the engagement zones picking this wonderful grain.. come join in!

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