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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

211,000 Seeds!

First round of seeds have been ordered. Over 211,000!
If just 10% of this order grows.. Memphis will have more than 20,000 new flowers come next spring!

Here is the lineup for the first round.

The famous (and beautiful) Black Eyed Susan.
78,000 Seeds

A perennial favorite for many gardeners. Black Eyed Susan are so easy to grow! They are drought tolerant and need very little care, although they do prefer full sun. These perennial flowering plants produce bright yellow petal flowers that bloom all summer, and feature a dark black domed centerpiece. This plant grows up to 3’ tall, making it perfect for cut flower arrangements to take indoors. Black Eyed Susan also makes an excellent backdrop floral choice because the bright colors will become an excellent frame for your smaller garden plants.As a strong perennial, you can be sure that once you plant Black Eyed Susan in your garden or wildflower meadow, it will faithfully reappear year after year, lighting up your garden with color and interest.

Pink Catchfly

99,000 seeds.

The large rose pink flowers grow in clusters around the thin stem. Catchfly will thrive in all types of soil. Catchfly was named for the sticky sap that attracts small insects that attempt to steal the nectar and become trapped.

Clasping Coneflowers
9400 Seeds

Resembling a drooping sunflower, the Clasping Coneflower is an annual flowering plant that features large drooping yellow petals and huge black center cones. Clasping Coneflower will thrive in any type of soil and prefers a full sun garden location. This hardy annual grows to a maximum height of 2’, is very easy to grow and it will reseed itself.

Plains Coreopsis
20,000 Seeds

An annual with a bright and sunny personality and loaded with character. If you need a pop of color in your garden, Plains Coreopsis may be the answer! This plant grows very tall, generally 2’ to 3’ and attracts birds, bees and butterflies. Plains Coreopsis blooms in May and will stay with you well into September. Bright red and yellow blooms that love full sun and will tolerate varying soil conditions.

Purple Coneflower Seeds
4800 Seeds

With large purple flowers that bow down to spectacular reddish orange cone centers, Purple Coneflower is a hardy perennial that will be a joy in your garden. This perennial flowering plant likes full sun or partial shade and is drought tolerant. Germination tested and packaged for current year.
A robust plant, Purple Coneflowers offer stunning flowers set atop elongated stalks. The harmony of the soft purple petals and the fiery red centers is something to behold.

If you have a favorite wildflower or just a suggestion, email me! I will do my best to include it as we move forward.

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  1. You will have a lot of success with cosmos, and gomphrena...both 100% drought tolerant and prolific reseeders- not native! The coneflowers are finicky they prefer water the one's you got anyway. I would check out these guys: they have lists of native plants that would actually help restore and conserve local ecology.